DOT Inspections

State and Federal Inspections
Olinger Sales & Service staff is fully trained to preform all the inspections required by the Department of Transportation for commercial vehicles and trailers. Our team will help ensure you meet all federal and state requirements

Check Up Frequency?
In accordance with state law Commercial Motor Vehicles with Minnesota plates must be inspected once a year.

Why get an inspection?
Plain and simple its the law, Minnesota Statute (Section 169.781) requires yearly inspections for all commercial motor vehicles registered in Minnesota.

Safety First
Olinger staff preform a complete and thorough inspection that checks your tires, wheels, emerygency equipment, brakes, steering, coupling devices, lights and reflectors. When these truck systems and parts are in good working condition your vehicle is safer for you and other drivers.

Olinger Qualifications
Olinger is fully qualified to preform DOT Inspections for all Commercial Motor Vehicles.

Time is Money
Olinger knows your busy and that time not on the road can mean lost income. We'll work with you to ensure your inspecttion goes as quickly and smoothly as possible so you can get back to work.


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